Why Cremation?

The topic of death and end of life plans has always carried a stigma, a bad omen that we do not discuss.  Yet avoiding the conversation does not prolong the inevitable.  In recent articles the topic of burial vs. cremation has been debated, highlighting the ever-growing trend of people choosing cremation.  According to CNN.com's new podcast "Margins of Error" with Harry Enten and in his prequel article "Why Cremation has overtaken burial in America" less than 40% of people are being traditionally buried.  Leaving the majority 55% being cremated, a major increase in the last thirty years.  These statistics were according to the Cremation Association of North America and the National Funeral Directors Association.  Taking into consideration a variety factors such as financial restraints, environmental consciousness, and a diverse political arena the article discusses possible explanations for this increase.   

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