7 Stages of Guilt - Anger & Bargaining

7 Stages of Grief – Anger & Bargaining

Undoubtedly it is difficult to navigate the experience of the loss of someone you love.  As time progresses you must adapt and adjust to each new stage of sadness and pain.  Knowing the 7 signs of grief may help ease some of feelings of being overwhelmed.  It is also important to acknowledge that everyone’s experience is personal and each stage can be interpreted differently depending on the individual. 

The third stage - Anger & Bargaining

As you continue to progress in the stages of grief, the frustration and confusion subside and make way for anger and you may unintentionally cast blame for your loss on someone else or those around you.  It is important to recognize this stage and try to control your actions, as it may cause damage to your current relationships.  This stage is not just an outlet for your anger and negative emotions.  You may try to question your loss and inquire “Why me?”.  You may also try to bargain to a higher power to bring about a means to end your pain/loss.  This stage is a good time to also reflect on your inner struggle and look into grief counseling for help/guidance.


Examples of emotions during this stage of grief:

  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Bargaining
  • Stubbornness

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