7 Stages of Grief - Shock & Denial

7 Stages of Grief - Shock & Denial

Undoubtedly it is difficult to navigate the experience of the loss of someone you love.  As time progresses you must adapt and adjust to each new stage of sadness and pain.  Knowing the 7 signs of grief may help ease some of feelings of being overwhelmed.  It is also important to acknowledge that everyone’s experience is personal and each stage can be interpreted differently depending on the individual. 


The first stage- Shock & Denial

Initially you may react to learning about the loss of your loved one with disbelief.  You may instinctively deny the news to shield yourself from feeling and experiencing the pain.  The shock and numbness provides a level of emotional protection and delays the feeling of being overwhelmed all at once.  Some people also become emotionally unattached to their reality or have physical reactions such as nausea or vomiting, difficulty sleeping or decreased appetite. This stage could last for some time (maybe even weeks).  This time allows you to adapt to a new normal and become accustomed to accepting the loss of your loved one.  This type of grief is probably one of the biggest and most important stages that people go through once they start processing through the stages of grief a loss.

Examples of emotions during this stage of grief:






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